Our professional, dedicated and qualified teams specialized in various fields are willing;

• To help international companies thinking to make direct capital investments in Turkey to decide fast, accurately and effectively, including greenfield investment or mergers and acquisitions. Then, we introduce to and meet them with the companies that are the best of their sectors in Turkey,

• To assist the entrepreneurs and companies whose aim is to become a strong player in the global arena through the method of merger and acquisitions in the national or international markets with regard to developing projects and finding accurate fellow partners which can contribute technologically, strategically, executively and financially,

• To provide consultancy services for the national companies that would like to invest abroad regarding the countries and sectors to invest, and threats and opportunities they face, and legal, administrative and financial rules and regulations in those countries,

• To navigate the investment ideas of our clients which are at the early stage of the decision, and the preparation of feasibility studies and business plans, or to present projects which are either developed by PAROJE itself and/or evaluated by PAROJE as a new venture of risk capital investment with the demand of national or international investors,

• To provide technical assistant services for public institutions and organizations, NGOs and private sector, and for the projects of international organizations such as European Union, UNDP, World Bank and UN,

• To provide consultancy and technical assistant services including financial, legal, technical, technological and managerial areas, or to develop projects for courageous and visionary entrepreneurs who aim to develop new products with R&D and innovation to enter into international markets with these products for the global competition,

We wish to meet with you in PAROJE having experienced staff, reliable solution partners, a wide service portfolio, strong network connections and a vision of becoming a consulting firm at a global scale, and then to become a business partner with you as soon as possible.