It is not easy to make a new investment decision, analyze the opportunities, challenges and threats well, finance investment with the right resources and facilities, or buy an existing company, become a partner, or sell your company for many years. We help you make the most accurate decision by giving you all the support you need while taking one of the most important and critical decisions of your life.

1. Greenfield Investment Projects

In this type of investment, which is the most needed by countries because of directly contributes to production and employment; consultancy services are provided for domestic or foreign entrepreneurs at every stage of an investment cycle. Determination of investment opportunities and options, planning of the investment project, feasibility study, factory location selection, construction / architectural project and license, construction works, supply of raw materials, production planning and procurement of machinery / equipment, employer and manager employment, access to financing resources, sales and marketing,  relations with government and regulatory can be given as an example for greenfield investment project. Consultancy services are provided on technical, financial, legal and managerial issues encountered in many fields mentioned above.

2.  Mergers and Acquisitions       

In this investment option, which involves the merging of companies that currently carry out their corporate activities into a new company or the acquisition of all or part of a company by another company; Turkish and foreign investors are provided with different consultancy services according to their positions (buyers and sellers).

2.1. Sell-side Advisory

The first thing to be done for the sale of all or part of the shares of a company is the preparation of the company for the sales process and the development of strategies to ensure maximum revenue from the sales transaction. During the sales process; preparing the company's introductory documents, communicating with potential buyers, making presentations, initiating negotiations with serious buyers, confidentiality agreement, price proposal, managing the stages of the letter of intent, preparing the data room and managing the due diligence process, preparation and signing of the formal purchase/sale agreement, obtaining from the official institutions consultancy services are provided for following the necessary permits and other procedures and finally for the completion of the adaptation and integration process of the two companies after the sale.

2.2. Buy-side Advisory

The first thing to be done for the purchase of all or some of the shares of a company; identifying the right alternative companies to realize the strategic objective of the buyer and developing strategies to complete the company purchase process with the lowest possible cost. During the purchase process; consultancy services is provided such as determination of target companies and initiation of first meetings, evaluation of the company's cost, profitability, annual income and expenses, supply chain, market share and market dominance, competitiveness, human resources quality, legal problems, the value of brands and patents, accurate calculation and management of due diligence process, planning and managing the negotiation and negotiation process between the parties, preparation and signing of the formal purchase / sale agreement, following the permits and other procedures to be taken from official institutions.

3. Consultancy After Merger and Acquisition

Following the completion of the adaptation and integration process of the two companies, it is a consultancy service to carry out an assessment and needs analysis, the steps to be taken, the measures to be taken and the changes to be made. Examples of services we provide consultancy are Redefining the structure and understanding of senior management, revising production costs, making production processes more efficient, determining R & D and innovation strategies, developing new products and production lines, increasing customer satisfaction and sales volume, improving human resources policies, making new investment decisions and financing of these investments, Investment Incentive Certificates, IPARD Supports under the ARDSI (Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution), TC Conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry RDISP (Support Program for Rural Development Investments) Supports, Development Agencies Covered Finance supports, KOSGEB (T. C. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development and Support Administration) Supports, TUBITAK (Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) Supports.

4. Consultancy Services for a Specific Phase of the Investment Process

It is the consultancy services we offer in relation to any stage of an investment cycle for companies that want to invest in Turkey or abroad. For example; it is a consultancy for the specific stages required such as sectoral cost and profitability analysis, feasibility studies, determination of a company's financial value, management of the due diligence process.

5. Crisis Management

You may experience events or problems that you never expected in an investment process. There may be situations in which you feel yourself in chaos, such as the financial value of a company that you plan to purchase is calculated too high or too low, and / or you have doubts that the quality of the company is not as claimed, or that you know later that you have different intentions, .In these cases, we provide consultancy services to take the most appropriate financial, legal and strategic steps for you and your company.

6 - Support Services for Gaining Turkish Citizenship

With this service, foreign investors are provided consultancy support services for gaining Turkish citizenship through the real estate acquisition, fixed capital increase, employment creation, deposit blockage, investment in state debt instruments and real estate investment fund or venture capital investment fund.