With the Official Gazette dated June 06, 2018 and numbered 30443, the application period for the “reconstruction peace” arrangement has been extended until 31.12.2018. The principles and procedures for giving Construction Registration Certificate are issued on the basis of the provisional article 16 of the development law numbered 3194 dated 3/5/1985. This arrangement involved application for Construction Registration Certificate, calculation and payment of the Construction Registration Certificate, Construction Registration Certificate given to the sale of immovable property, The structure registration certificate will not be edited and the issues related to the procedures to be done about those who make a false declaration during the regulation of this document.

The following rights have been provided by the regulation regarding the structures (house, workplace, factory etc).

  • Connection of water, electricity and natural gas by taking into consideration the subscriber group to which it belongs, if requested,
  • Cancellation of administrative fees that cannot be collected in accordance with Law No. 3194 on the structures given for the Building Registration Certificate,
  • To be able to make a change in the title and condominium in the title deed, including the changes in the purpose of using the building license without taking a building license, without a building permit or in the buildings without construction permit,
  • Completion of incomplete construction works of the buildings given under the condition that they will not be able to create additional construction area for the parts which are finished as of 31/12/2017 in the buildings under construction;
  • To make simple repairs and modifications that can be made without giving a license
  • Building Registration Certificate is given to the establishment of workplace and working license without using a permit to use the building permit.

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, the effect of the legal regulation, which should be clarified, on the incentives provided to the investments is the subject. Since almost all of the support and incentive programs implemented in our country, the investment place has been made in accordance with the local legislation and the requirement to be licensed. The support of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution, the support of the Rural Development Investments Program, the supports provided by the Development Agencies etc., and the appropriation of the investment place in accordance with the building regulations when the Investment Site Eligibility License of the supports and incentives are taken into consideration it is. One of the prerequisites for applying to these institutions and organizations is to have existing buildings licensed. It is not clear whether these support and incentive applications can be made with the Building Registration Certificate, which has been obtained by applying for the reconstruction peace for the new investments in the same investment area as the additional investments and unlicensed structures to be made for the unlicensed structures.